Lets Talk Weddings! (yup....this is wordy but important) 

(What i DON'T do)

The majority of wedding photographers want to sell you a 'package' for between two and five thousand dollars. This might include all day coverage of your special day, a 'proofing book', a 'high resolution DVD' of your images with a copyright release (which might cost extra), and a display of protected images online. A small collection of prints and an album might be included in the higher priced packages. You then have the option of spending a whole lot more money for more prints and albums. Pricing for individual prints (a la carte) from the photographer's website are usually extremely high, such as a single 4X6 print for $4-$5, an 8X10 print for up to $40....etc. All your guests are left with are expensive 'a-la-carte' print ordering options, if they ever actually go to the website. Most guests don't bother due to the expected cost.


My goal is to provide quality and artistic photography with open distribution of your pictures. I believe in catering to people who are interested in creating their own photographic products with no hidden fees. YOU and ALL OF YOUR GUESTS will be able to access and download all of your pictures at no charge. The pictures will be organized in chronological galleries on my website indefinitely. These pictures can be printed at home or sent to printing companies online such as Shutterfly. You will also be able to have prints made directly thru my website at cost utilizing EZPrints labs of Georgia. There are hundreds of websites devoted to helping you make beautiful inexpensive prints, books, announcements and everything else that other wedding and event photographers are providing at exorbitant prices in the 'package deals'. You can use the same websites they use.

My 'package deal' is the following:

1. I photograph your wedding, or event. Options include one or two photographers, half day or full day.

2. We have a fun costumed 'photo booth' available for the reception. The 'photo booth' is an open area set up at the side of the reception and includes a cloth backdrop, lighting, and oodles of costumes for the guests to have their pictures taken in. As many as 8 guests can have their picture taken together. Because the photo booth is manned by a photographer, this requires 2 photographers at your wedding.

3. I hand out my website address to all your guests at the wedding!

4. I spend many hours adjusting and cropping images after an event to provide beautiful digital images that immediately belong to you and all your guests and relatives. I upload all the edited images to your specific gallery on my website, where they will remain indefinitely. The gallery will be pass-worded to keep strangers out.

5. You and ALL your guests are able to download all your high resolution images with full copyright. They can be printed at home or uploaded to numerous websites for printing, bookmaking, display, facebook use, and any other applications. This is very popular with guests as they can retrieve and use their own images any way they like. Many more guests will view your wedding pictures and make prints for themselves!

6. For those who don't want to 'download' an image, fully color corrected high quality printing is available at cost thru my website by EZPrints Labs. Example print prices: 4X6 $.19, 5X7 $.79, 8X10 $1.99. These prices are for all guests!

7. I provide 3 full resolution DVD's, or will put all images on provided flash drives, for newlyweds and parents, with a signed copyright release for each if needed.

8. I am insured and have references available.

9. I try to keep prices low...

10. If you are a prospective client, I can provide a few passwords so you can view my wedding work

Pricing  Weddings are generally $1000 to $1500 with NO hidden costs.  MOST WEDDINGS are at the higher end of this range and are all-day affairs for us. The lower pricing is typically for a half-day very local (to Canandaigua) type of coverage.

Please email me to discuss any questions! If the email link does not work on your computer, my email address is peter@blackwoodphoto.com

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