Portraits and Events

family...high School seniors.....events.....pets....and, well, everything else! 

I would like to be the alternatively priced portrait and event photographer that will meet your imaging needs within your budget.

My approach is to charge a reasonable 'sitting fee' of between $80 and $100 depending on what we plan (and travel information). I process and edit your images and place them on my website. The images then belong to you!

They can be downloaded by anyone you choose in high resolution for home printing, or downloaded and sent elsewhere for printing. You can also receive the images on DVD.

I also offer printing by EZPrints lab thru my website at great prices.......for example a 5X7 print is $0.79, an 8X10 is $1.99 EZPrints uses color correction for all prints. Please email me  to discuss your portrait or event and pricing.

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