Please remember that all of your images can be downloaded for free!

If you want to download an image, look for the small download arrow at the bottom right of any photo. You can also use the 'download all' button in many galleries, (but may result in you downloading hundreds of images if you are viewing a wedding)

My 'nature and wildlife' images cannot be downloaded.

The easiest way to quickly share pictures is to email the link to the picture.

The pictures can be printed thru my website by selecting 'buy'. I do not make $$ if you buy one, hence the pricing: 4X6 prints are $.19 5X7 prints are $0.79 8X10 prints are $1.99 (plus shipping, keep an eye on the shipping fees....i have no control over this!) I don't handle your $$ or credit card info. Printing is done by EZPrints and all the images are color corrected.

If you download the picture files and want to print elsewhere online, I would recommend Shutterfly or

Walmart is very inexpensive but they are very very overly sticky about copyright issues, and prints from our local Walmart tend to be on the 'harsh' side.

Most of the images are cropped to a 5X7 ratio, as that is usually the most popular size. if you have an 8X10 or a 4X6 that you want to print, the website should show you the resulting crop. if that doesn't meet your needs and you want something cropped differently please contact me. Please download, print yourself, and send the links to the pictures around, ie relatives and friends.

I encourage people to post them on Facebook as well, if you are on that. You can copy and paste the link to a picture into Facebook.


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