GREETINGS to my calumet friends!! It was so great to see and chat with everyone! Please use these pictures in any way you like. if i put one here that you do not like let me know and it can be removed (but remember the gallery is passworded so only 'we' will see them).

To download any individual image, select the arrow button at the bottom of the image. OR you can download an entire gallery by selecting the 'download all' arrow (my website will create a 'zip' file of the images and send you an email when this is ready for download).

PLEASE download for free and print at home. Or order prints thru this website at cost, which are printed and mailed by EZlabs. and remember the printing service i have enabled is only for convenience and does NOT benefit me at all (so that means i really don't care if you use it!). You can also download and send files to printing services such as shutterfly or mpix, and post freely in social media. Or you can just enjoy them here on my website! The pictures are yours and will remain here indefinitely.

If you have a few minutes, please click HERE to go to my 'homepage' and check out the nature and landscape images....thanks!  (and to return to calumet click 'events' and then 'people')

Tina and i both had a great time!  Let's start planning.............

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